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The Learning Center

We embrace our students with language-based learning differences by giving them highly individualized instruction in our unique school-within-a-school model - the only one of its kind in Utah.

The Learning Center (TLC) is designed for students with average to above-average language-based learning differences, often known as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Offering 2nd through 8th Grades in 2023/2024.

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Unique, Individualized & Cognitive

A school-within-a-school model where skilled faculty meet students’ learning differences with the individualized instruction that leads to success. Students benefit from a low student-teacher ratio of 6:1 for the core academic subjects of reading, writing, spelling, math, and history.  Leading with student strengths, our experienced teaching staff uses an evidence-based curriculum paired with instructional practices that are based on the latest neuroscience to deliver academics tailored to each student’s abilities.


We build literacy skills through the use of explicit, multi-sensory language instruction that stimulates and builds auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic pathways to learning. Our teachers partner with our literacy specialists to teach skills in their smallest components, and through repetition, help students master each skill before progressing to a higher level.  We teach these skills through The Wilson Reading program and LindaMood-Bell learning processes, as well as other researched-based methods. 

Growing Student Talent

Our TLC students are an integral part of the overall fabric of the greater McGillis School community. They are integrated with their McGillis peers in the specialty classes of science, art, music, physical education, library, drama, and culture and ethics. Students also have the opportunity to engage in grade-level field trips, specialty programs, lunch, recess, and extra-curricular opportunities.

Focused on Partnership

We partner with parents to support, educate, and help facilitate the growth of students both at home and in school.  Together, we can change the course for your child's life.

Creating Beautiful Endings

By curating a learning environment that removes major obstacles to learning, the TLC’s program helps close the gap between students' achievement and potential, enabling most students to transition into traditional programs after two to three years. The TLC empowers students in school and in life to be able to take flight and repair the world.

We strive to:

  • close the gap between academic performance and student potential
  • provide individualized, multisensory language instruction for developing new pathways for mastery of core academic content. 
  • promote student strengths and build talents through specialty programs.
  • enable students to experience success and to accept and value themselves in a safe, nurturing and respectful learning environment.
  • teach students the strategies to become independent, responsible learners.
  • communicate frequently with and provide support and education to the families of our students. 
  • maintain a diagnostic/prescriptive approach in all of our instruction, tailoring our lessons to meet the needs of your child.
  • provide students with skills, strategies, and independence to soar in future learning environments.  

The Learning Center is truly a game changer for us!  I wish every child with a learning difference, struggling through a 'one size fits all' school system, could have the opportunity to join TLC — to truly experience the joy and excitement that comes from learning when learning is structured around them and their unique needs.

Millie Dorsey, Parent 

Mary Kimball,
Director of The Learning Center

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