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Small group of young students on a Summer @ McGillis hiking trip.

With the onset of summer, Magpies grow restless and long for adventures that offer exploration beyond the classroom.

In the great wide open, we’ll explore places, spaces, and ideas that welcome curiosity, cultivate creativity, and celebrate big ideas. While away from the nest, we’ll foster relationships with new Magpies, and learn from influential educators that help us persevere when challenged or inspire a larger vision. Your child will feel safe, cared for, and allowed the space to explore the things that make them independent, authentic, and awesome! 
Summer @ McGillis offers five (5) weeks of summer programming for 1st - 8th grade students. These adventures will take place during the last two weeks in June and the first three weeks in August. With a few exceptions, camps run Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Camps are facilitated by McGillis faculty or veteran AfterSchool staff and are designed around the group leaders’ passions and experience. Our camps are intentionally kept small so students get a more intimate experience.

Creating adventures with students’ interests in mind we pull off some unique experiences. It’s become commonplace that our Magpies find themselves on a street art tour with local Artist, Trent Call, in a field with SLC’s king beekeeper, or on stage with Jenny Lewis at the Twilight Concert Series.


We’re suckers for a pretty view and we do our best to perch our campers on some exceptional vistas. Our Trail Mix camp takes our younger kiddos on meanderings high in the Wasatch, and our Middle School students cast flies in the Uintas, and stargaze in Grade Basin National Park.


You’re never going to spot any wildlife in a huge herd.  We intentionally keep our groups small so we can truly immerse ourselves in the environment around us. By doing so, we can take part in a workshop at the Marriott Library Book Arts Program, learn how a wingsuit flies at Skydive Utah, and even spot the occasional moose on the trail. This means no more than 10-12 Magpies, all of who fit conveniently on one of our small buses for travel.


We fill our summer lineup with passionate adventurers, artists, creatives, performers, champions of change, and lovers of the wild. These radical Magpies are brimming with talent, enthusiasm, and best of all, they know your children really well.