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Letter from The White House, President Biden
The McGillis School

McGillis Third Graders wrote a letter to U.S. President Biden to thank him for his focus on the environment and to ask him to do even more. Students emailed their letter to the President with requests to speak to more Americans, especially young people, about what they can do to improve the climate. 

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Community Conversations: Dive into DEIB
The McGillis School

When we talk about belonging versus fitting in, let’s remember:

  • Inclusive spaces means creating a space where more people have the opportunity to feel like they belong.
  • Fitting in takes a lot of energy from the individual. Belonging may take special effort from the community, but it requires a lot less energy from the individual.
  • The people who create the norms of a group/environment have the responsibility to consider who feels they belong & who is simply fitting in.
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