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McGillis Students Reach Out To U.S. President Biden: “Help Us Repair The World”

McGillis Students Reach Out To U.S. President Biden: “Help Us Repair The World”
by Liz Paige, Director of Ethics and Community


Our Third Grade ethics and cultures class's theme is "How One Voice Can Change a Community." Throughout the second trimester, students learned how people throughout time and around the globe have used their voices (in writing, speeches, and protests) to repair the world. Inspired by abolitionists in the 18th century to today's young activists for education for women or the environment, our Third Graders chose a topic for which they wanted to use their voices to make change and determined how best to do this. 


Sofia, Julian, Andy and Emma, chose to write a letter to U.S. President Biden to thank him for his focus on the environment and to ask him to do even more. After writing several drafts, they emailed their letter to the President with requests to speak to more Americans, especially young people, about what they can do to improve the climate. 


On April 20, they received the below response from the President. 

Letter from The White House, President Biden


“Sofia was very delighted to read the letter from the President and to have the acknowledgement that her voice, as well as the other classmates' voices, have been heard by the President,” shared parent April Rask. “We are very proud of the work Sofia put into the class and letter. Very big moment!”


Thank you Third Graders for using your voice to advocate for a better world.