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A Fond Farewell: Marci Burk

By Jim Brewer, Head of School


After 20 years, Marci Burk, our Business Manager, will retire at the end of June. Nothing fills our halls better than the sound of Marci’s laughter.


Marci is excited to retire and extend her camping trips without the worry of reporting to work on Mondays! She has been a staple of our School since 2001 taking care of the business and finance side, and also adding so much to our community culture. We will miss her dearly, but we are so happy for the adventure that awaits.


Marci is well known around the halls of McGillis, however here are a few things you might not know about her:


How did you find your way to The McGillis School and how did you know it was the right place for you?

When I started at McGillis, I worked at the front desk. After several years, I moved to the Business Office. Luckily, I was also needed in the parking lot after school. This keeps me interacting with our families, the best part of being at The McGillis School. When I'm not at school, I love to be outdoors working in the garden or going for a walk. I love camping with my family in the deserts and mountains in the area. I dream of the day when I can travel non-stop, wearing my checkered pants and white tennies, and visit every national park in the United States.


How are you embracing our value of limud l’shma?

By being a better photographer.


What is your favorite McGillis lunch?

Chicken Noodle Soup


What is your favorite McGillis tradition?

Family Groups! I love to see the younger students interacting with the older kids.


Please share one of your favorite McGillis moments.

Watching Second Graders make a human pie chart on the hallway floor.



Please visit this link should you wish to share words of appreciation as we wish Marci a wonderful retirement and happy camping!  


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Congratulations Marci on your retirement! Thank you for everything you have done!