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6 Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

by Matt Schrier, Director of AfterSchool & Summer Programs 


Summer is upon us, and one thing is certain. Although many activities have been squeezed, there is still a wealth of amazing opportunities to wrangle in the summer fun. With creativity in mind, you can still benefit from the many experiences, adventures, and traditions that deliver no shortage of summer enthusiasm. We recognize that everyone’s adventure meter could be giving off different readings, so we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a variety of offerings that meet the needs of different interests and comfort levels. 


Summer Excursions at McGillis

Although we made the decision to cancel our June in-person camps, we are still hopeful that time together in Late July/August will be possible. As I’ve mentioned before, our summer program is small and intimate by design. As we continue to make decisions with safety as our guiding principle, we will remain innovative in our approach and look for every possible way to engage with your children come August.


Summer “E”xcursions Camps 

Summer at McGillis is an awesome experience and its wonderful qualities are rooted in the amazing teachers and staff that continually swing for the fences to inspire children. We have taken the same group of super cool individuals and crafted a selection of remote summer offerings that will allow your incoming 1st-8th graders to explore, be creative, laugh, and spend time with some familiar faces. Make no mistake, high fives, cannonballs at the local pool, or eating a slice of watermelon with a pal is hard to beat, but we’re excited by the challenge of bringing all of these awesome summer excursions feelings into the safety of your home. Check your inboxes this week for more details! 


Home Base 

During our time at home, a few hardy souls from the AfterSchool program have been working on our own special way of staying connected to the kiddos in our community.  We created a website that resembled AfterSchool, something that wasn’t perfect, perhaps a little gritty, and was full of heart, soul, and creativity. It’s a work in progress, but this is a great resource for beating summer boredom. Welcome to Home Base (shhhh... password is magpies) and read about the backstory here


Write On Workshops  

You may not know this, but our very own Emily Bauman helps run some truly amazing writing workshops for budding young writers. This summer, they are taking their program online and bringing Write On Workshops to your front door with a blend of online and offline writing activities designed to build creativity, connection, and writing confidence. 


Send it, Sing it, Learn it, Make it 

From Woodward Park City and Spocks Skate Camp to Spyhop and NHMU Summer @ Home  there is something for your future action sports athlete, rapper, paleontologist, and everything in between. The valley is full of awesome resources, and all of them are thinking creatively about how to safely run their programs. 


Don’t overthink it, play outside.

Lastly, reserve enough time for feral adventuring and the lawless exploration of your neighborhood. Since spending time indoors with friends is still a dealbreaker, capitalize on keeping kids outside and let them figure it out on their own. Learning how to pop a wheelie, reading a book in a hammock, being bored, fixing a flat bike tire, and playing an evening game of kick the can all sound like fitting items for your summer bucket list. 

However you decide to spend your summer, have fun and stay well!