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30 Year Anniversary - Looking Back: "McGillis Celebrates Gold LEED”

As we look back through the archives of The McGillis School, we realize that while some things have changed over the last 30 years: physical location, leadership, the size of our student body, growing an additional division, and more. Despite these changes, at the core, we remain the same. We remain a community committed and able to repair the world.

McGillis Social


    Lunch: Chicken Drumstick / Vegetarian Nuggets
    Lunch: Pesto Pasta
    Community Conversations: Social & Emotional Learning
    High School Fair
    Lunch: Veggie Fried Rice / Vegetarian Spring Rolls
    1st Grade Field Trip
    Lunch: Thanksgiving Sandwich ( Turkey, Stuffing , Cranberry Sauce )/Veggie Hummus Sandwich
    4th Grade Field Trip