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Our Values

Our values compel our community to create the world we seek to live in. Our academic program prepares our students to accomplish that end. Whether repairing the world (Tikkun Olam), generating new knowledge or artifacts, or creating organizations committed to promoting equality and justice, our students welcome the challenge and privilege of bettering the world and the lives of all people.

McGillis' strengths are in the values that it sets forward for the children.  These values are not something that are just on a poster, they are lived and taught every day at McGillis.  The culture of respect and being a good human are at the center of the School and it sets McGillis apart from any other school our children previously attended. 

Cielita Lopez-Lennon & Scott Lennon parents of Grayson  ‘28

The McGillis value of Limud L’shma, learning for the sake of learning, truly resonated with both of my kids. They are enthusiastic, lifelong learners and I attribute those qualities to their time and educational experience at McGillis."

Ashley Lindsey, parent of Erin ‘16 and Rowan ‘19

Do the McGillis Values resonate with you?

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Ben Anisman, 3rd Grade Teacher

"The values  of McGillis inspire and guide my work by reminding me that our jobs, as teachers, are not to solely teach our students  core content. A large part of our job is to teach our students how to be successful, beneficial, and caring members of the world."

Heather Novotny, Librarian

“Our values guide us in everyday interactions with students.They provide a common vocabulary for discussing issues like kindness, community, and care for self and others."

Maggie McCormick, 4th Grade Teacher

“As a faculty and staff, we are committed to bettering ourselves and deepening our understanding of the ways institutions and individuals can promote inclusivity. We acknowledge there is work to be done in "repairing the world" and set forth to align our instructional practices and school structures to align with our core values. ”

Mike DiBiasio, 6th Grade English Teacher

“These traditions center us as a community; they bring us together in mind and body and awaken our sense of humanity. After shabbat, a seder, or Tu BiShvat, we return to our homes and other communities spreading the warmth that our McGillis traditions provide. ”

Stacey Collett, Kindergarten Teacher

“Students are well grounded from the first day at McGillis that we are a community aimed to repair the world in any way we can.  ”

Rachael Mastanduno. 7th Grade English Teacher

“The values are lived at McGillis in both small and large ways. From informal coffee cart chats that bring our parent community together in the same space as our faculty, to the Ethics-In-Action service projects, the McGillis values are the water in which we swim. All constituents (parents, students, faculty, staff, admin) participate in good and kind deeds, steward our community, and drive the love of learning. 

New Approaches to Our Shabbat Schedule

Each week, we celebrate Shabbat, a traditional day of rest and reflection, to appreciate all that we have learned, created, and accomplished as well as focus on our values together as a Kehilah (community).

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Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year!

At McGillis, the Jewish holidays create a rhythm for our year. Each of the fall holidays provides us with annual life lessons that aid us in being our best selves.

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