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Why McGillis is Different

Lower School students enjoying Shabbat

Inspiring and preparing our community for a lifetime of creating a better world.

We are an independent private K-8 school in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded on values we see as universal to the world we aspire to live in, nurture, and restore. Our values are our foundation. However, it’s what grows from the foundation that is most interesting: students, relationships, mentoring, and community.


Our purpose is to create individuals committed and able to repair the world. This universal purpose, Tikkun Olam, is one we share with all who seek to better our world and the lives of all people.


Our mission is to educate children and instill in our students a love of learning and the abilities to think critically, live ethically, and appreciate the value of each individual.


We prepare our community of students to create a better world with a robust academic program grounded in values drawn from Jewish tradition. A McGillis education shapes a community that is intellectually curious, educated, eager to explore the world, and well-practiced in doing so using a solid ethical framework. Our students understand and live these attributes, and leave McGillis prepared to serve as examples to others, affecting positive change in the world.


Our values compel our community to create the world we seek to live in. Our academic program prepares our students to accomplish that end. Whether repairing the world (Tikkun Olam), generating new knowledge or artifacts, or creating organizations committed to promoting equality and justice, our students welcome the challenge and privilege of bettering the world and the lives of all people.

The McGillis School

K - 8th grades
380 students
9:1 student:teacher ratio
17 average class size
21% students receive tuition assistance
$650K tuition assistance awarded in 2019/2020
20% students of color
13% students of Jewish descent