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Join us in honoring the legacy of Cazzie Brown, beloved coach, faculty member, and friend, by contributing to the Cazzie’s Court Campaign. Through the collective efforts of alumni families, alumni, grandparents, and friends of the School, we aim to raise $50,000 to refinish and repaint the floor in the MAC in honor of Cazzie and to support the programs that utilize this space on a daily basis. 


Your gift will be felt by generations of McGillis students and leave a lasting impact, just as Cazzie did.

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You can ignite many candles without diminishing your own flame"

Cazzie Brown


Anonymous (4)

The Abrams Family

The Accarrino Family

The Anyan/Madigan Family - Jia '24

The Arens Family

The Bahna Family

The Bartlit Family

The Bartley Family from Australia

The Baughman Family

Emily & Shira Bauman '19

Kurt & Petrina Bestor

Kristy, Hatcher '14, & Bedell '18 Blair

The Brandt Marquardt Family

The Brewer Family

Heather Brown In honor of my amazing late husband, Cazzie Brown

The Burbidge Family

The Burk Family

The Campagna Family

The Christensen Family in appreciation for the 4th Grade teachers

Anna & Randy Coleman

The Das Family- S.D. '23

Sarah Davies

The Denkers Family

The Dean-Brown Family

The DiGregorio Family

The DuPont Family

The Eisenberg/ Solomon Family

Scott, Shannon, Milla '18 and Moey '21 Evans

The Firszt Family

The Gallop-Boltax Family

The Garay Family

The Gawron Family

Bridget Gill

The Gorman Family

Courtney Green & Morgan Walk

The Green Family

Rebecca '14 & Rachel '17 Grossman

Jocelyn Gukeisen & Ethan Gukeisen-Hope '20

Ruby Gutierrez '15

Rhett Hansen '18 - I love you, Coach!
The Hazel FamilyThe Haber/Mitchell Family

The Hecht Family

The Herbert Jaffa Family

The Hersh Family

The Herrod Family - in honor of Lucy & Wilkes

The Hoagland/Wise Family

Hanna Hobson-Rohrer in Memory of Rachel Hinterman '19

The Hobson-Rohrer Family

Josiah Holmberg '21 and Family

Dave, Wendy and Will '14 Hopkins

Tommy '15 & Sam '16 Howells

Xavier Hutton '14

The Hutchins Family

The Jaffe Family

Suzanne, Matt, Ruby '19, & Sophia '20    Jeschke

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family - Zane '22

The Johnstone Family

Megan, Chris, Hailey '20, & Hannah '23 Jones

Paxton Juhlin '15

The Kanshepolsky/Gotshalk Family

The Keller/Fung Family - Lian '20 & Cam'25

Kristina Kindl

The Krejci Family

The Lasater Family

Sara Lemcke

The Litvack Family

Heidi MacNaughton

The Mahon Family

Emily Mallory

The Marlowe/Vargyas Family - Forrest '18 & Kessler '21

The Martinez Campbell Family

The McKeown Family

The McCormick Family

Brooke McDonald

The Milliron Family

The Mintz Family

Katherine Morgan

Max Morgan '19

Nate Morgan '19

Peter & Susan Morgan

The Morley Family

The Moulding Family

Heather Novotny

Gregory Orme

Gwendolyn Orme ‘15

Liz Paige & Anna Hull '19

The Panish Family

Craig Pierson, Kirsten Timms, Cece, & Rowan '19

The Piskadlo Family

The Reedy Family

The Reymann Family

Austin & Lexi Rhea

The Rohrer/Warren Family - Jaspar '21

The Rose Family

Scout Roskelley '20

The Rothberg Family

Midge Rothwell

The Selzman Family - Zach '19 Sofia '21

The Shelby Family - Amelia '17 and George '20

The Shelef Family

The Shilling Rabin Family - Ezra '19 & Talia '21

The Short Family

The Smith Family

The Sonzini Family - Andrew '16 & Joseph '19

Jamison, KJ, Maddie '20 & Boston '23 Stark

The Steward Family

The Sweetland Family

Kaitlyn Taylor '16

Owen Taylor '21

Zach Taylor '14

The Taylor Family

The Thielking Family

The Tipton/Smith Family - Milo T. '21

The Trevino/Skamnes Family - Nicky '19 & Alex '22

The Wall Family - Hattie '17 & Bea '20

Elizabeth, John, & Eileen '18 Walsh

The Walton Family - James '20

Ray Tohinaka & Sallie Warmath

The Watt Family

The Whitbeck Family

Bridget Wicklander

The Wigdahl Family

George Wintriss '18

The Vinik Family

The Voros Family