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The McGillis Fund:
Supporting Every Magpie,
Every Day

Gifts made to the McGillis Fund from our community of parents, grandparents, alumni and parents of alumni allow the promise of a McGillis education to be experienced by Every Magpie, Every Day—whether in the classroom or out in the world.


The McGillis Fund supports our day-to-day operations, including faculty salaries, program support, new curriculum, financial aid, facilities, classroom materials, and more. We raise, receive, and spend all McGillis Fund revenue in the current school year. All gifts to the McGillis Fund are 100% tax deductible.


By supporting The McGillis Fund, you are investing in everything that makes McGillis extraordinary:

• a diverse, motivated, and kind student body

• exceptional faculty and staff

• a strong academic program supported by innovative teaching

• and a community committed to living our six Jewish values



The McGillis Fund FAQs