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The McGillis School Endowment

A gift to the Endowment is an investment in the future of the School. 

The McGillis School’s Endowment provides an ongoing source of sustained, long-term funding for McGillis, making it possible for the School to be less reliant on tuition and annual fundraising programs.


A strong endowment can contribute significantly to the School’s annual needs, including:

• supporting the general operating budget

• supplementing financial aid

• providing faculty professional development

• creating and maintaining specific programs designated by the donor


Gifts to the McGillis Endowment may be made as a one-time gift or multi-year pledge, through a gift of securities, or as an estate gift (bequest or trust). Ultimately, the Endowment ensures the School’s financial stability and enhances our ability to fulfill our mission now and for many years to come. 

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts in support of the McGillis Endowment place no limitations on the use of the income from the funds. Such income is used to meet the school’s most pressing needs, as determined by the administration and Board of Trustees on an annual basis.

Restricted gifts

Restricted gifts in support of the Endowment mandate that the income be used for a specific purpose, such as student financial aid, faculty support, or a particular academic or extracurricular program.

Named endowment funds

New named endowment funds can be established with a gift of $100,000 or more. Individual endowment funds can be designated to support the general operating budget, financial aid, faculty enrichment, or specific programs designated by the donor. 

The McGillis School Endowment is currently comprised of the following named funds:

The Joanne S. McGillis
Endowment Fund


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The Hal J. Pos Memorial
Scholarship Fund


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The McGillis Community
Scholarship Endowment

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Endowment Fund FAQ's

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