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Giving & Getting Involved

Invest in an educational experience like no other.

When the McGillis School was still a dream in the minds of our Founders, giving was already deeply rooted in the origins of our remarkable school. In Hebrew the root word for the verb “to give” is natan. Scholars point out that the word “natan”  in both English and Hebrew reads the same way going in either direction, symbolizing the benefits of giving for both the recipient and the giver. 


Since our founding, our community has given above and beyond tuition to sustain the campus, faculty, and programs from which our students continue to benefit today.


While giving to the School is necessary to ensure our unique educational experience is a reality each year, it also serves as an expression of our collective gratitude to those who came before us, midor lador, from generation to generation. We all benefit from the legacy that began thirty years ago, and it is our responsibility to continue that philanthropic culture proudly for many generations to come. 


We are grateful for your investment in an educational experience like no other. Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to McGillis.


 Jen Voros, MNO
Director of Philanthropy
Parent of Fred ‘24, Helena ‘26, and Arthur ‘29


2021/2022 Annual Report

2020/2021 Annual Report

2019/2020 Annual Report



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