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Parent Association

The Parent Association executive team.

Parent Association

The McGillis School's Parent Association (PA) is committed to developing and strengthening the family-school partnership in order to enhance the experience of all McGillis students and to build a strong community. Every parent of a McGillis student is a member of the Parent Association.

Parent Association Executive Board

President: Bel Akyuz

President-Elect: Amy Looney

Past President: Marlie Kilcrease

Secretary: Jessica Durham


Parent Association Room Representatives

Kindergarten: Suzanne Rothberg

1st Grade: Lauren Ricks

2nd Grade: Anne Taylor

3rd Grade: Cielita Lopez-Lennon

4th Grade: Ceceila Uriburu

5th Grade: Caroline Kaufman 

6th Grade: Hilary Arens and Seth Arens

7th Grade: Christina DiLauro

8th Grade: Kate Reymann

The Learning Center: Holly Burrell


Committee Chairs

Book Fair: Jamie Morley

Library: Cielita Lopez-Lennon

Magpie Market: Whitney Call

Trivia Night: Amanda Krejci 

MS Parent Social: Kate Reymann

Faculty/Staff Appreciation: Kelli Jamison

Volunteer Opportunities

As the link between families and the administration, faculty, and staff at McGillis, the Parent Association (PA) provides many opportunities for parents to volunteer and become involved with the community. There is a wide range of volunteer options available, depending on your time and flexibility.

When my eldest child first attended McGillis, I was so excited to be a part of this amazing community that I embraced the opportunity to be on the PA. The committee introduced me to the many special facets of the McGillis experience as well as the most amazing teachers, staff and parents. Being a part of the PA has helped create a school experience for my family that I will always be grateful for.

Bel Akyuz, parent of Arthur '27 & Charles '29 

Parent Association Events:

Parent Association events provide a forum for parents to become more involved with the community, through informal social gatherings, as well as administration-led discussions, and educational presentations.