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As we were considering moving across the country for jobs in Utah, an important priority for us was finding a school that would nurture and support our children and would provide a community for us as a family. Our visit day at McGillis sealed the deal, and we have not looked back. We are so grateful to McGillis for welcoming us into the fold.


When you enter the hallways of McGillis, you know it is different. There is a celebration of each child as a unique individual  and an investment in each child to be their very best selves. Just as importantly, there is a prioritization of the community, which teaches our children to think beyond themselves. As we have pivoted to COVID, the value of McGillis has never been clearer. Our children have benefited greatly from in-person education, and we felt incredibly confident with the safety measures and the transparent communication during this time. We are new to The McGillis School, but we already consider ourselves Forever Magpies!"

Melissa & Kevin Watt, parents  of Jonah '22 & Sarah '26

Magpie musings

Community Conversations: Dive into DEIB

When we talk about belonging versus fitting in, let’s remember:

  • Inclusive spaces means creating a space where more people have the opportunity to feel like they belong.
  • Fitting in takes a lot of energy from the individual. Belonging may take special effort from the community, but it requires a lot less energy from the individual.
  • The people who create the norms of a group/environment have the responsibility to consider who feels they belong & who is simply fitting in.
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