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Parent Association

The McGillis School's Parent Association (PA) is committed to developing and strengthening the family-school partnership in order to enhance the experience of all McGillis students and to build a strong community. Every parent of a McGillis student is a member of the Parent Association.

Parent Association Executive Board

President: Marlie Kilcrease

President-Elect: Candice Clark

Past President: Stephanie Duffy

Secretary: Amy Looney

Room Rep Coordinator: Bel Akyuz

Volunteer Outreach: KJ Stark


Parent Association Room Representatives

Kindergarten: Tiffany Brown

1st Grade: Evan Burbidge

2nd Grade: Whitney Call

3rd Grade: Jake Barnes

4th Grade: Kate Giovacchini

5th Grade: Erin Sullivan

6th Grade: Kate Reymann

7th Grade: Jamie Morley

8th Grade: Sara Hart

The Learning Center: Holly Burrell


Committee Chairs

Brownies in a Bag: Erin Sullivan

Book Fair/Library: Jamie Morley

U of U Football Parking Fundraiser, 7th Grade: Bruce Johnson

MS Dance Parent Social: Marlie Kilcrease

Faculty/Staff Appreciation: Caroline Kaufman

Volunteer Opportunities

As the link between families and the administration, faculty, and staff at McGillis, the Parent Association (PA) provides many opportunities for parents to volunteer and become involved with the community. There is a wide range of volunteer options available, depending on your time and flexibility, and we hope you will find an opportunity that suits your skills and interests.


During the 2020-2021 school year many of these opportunities will be on hold.

Parent Association Events – Zoom/In-Person


Parent Association events provide a forum for parents to become more involved with the community, through informal social gatherings, as well as administration-led discussions, and educational presentations.


This year we will be combining most of the monthly Coffee Klatch get togethers with PA-sponsored community conversations and speaker presentations, which were formerly called All PA meetings. We have also moved these events to Thursday mornings at 8:30am. The topics for the conversations will be communicated well in advance, if not already, so that you may plan ahead if you would like to attend.