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Zoe Calahorra-Wood

Hebrew Teacher

At McGillis since 2018


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B.Ed., Leadership and Management of Educational Systems, Comparative Literature and Jewish Art, and Teaching Certificate, Bar-Ilan University, Israel


After an extended IDF service and as the Israeli tradition goes, Zoe went traveling. She traveled to Australia and New Zealand. Shortly after being back, she started working as a flight attendant to keep the adventures going. Born and raised in Israel, her first introduction to the United States was a layover in New York City. As exciting as it was, she didn't fall in love with the Big Apple as promised.


Zoe’s first introduction to Utah was in 2016 through a summer volunteering program at the JCC. THAT was the beginning of a love story, as she moved back for the long term in 2018 to join the one-of-a-kind McGillis community.


This is her fourth year teaching Hebrew at The McGillis School and she is loving every moment of it. In Israel, she taught Hebrew literature and English.


As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, what is your wish for McGillis?
Keep growing, keep glowing, and keep providing incredible experiences!


Favorite McGillis tradition:
Family Group


The defining moment that led you to a career in education:
I was tutoring a young 7th grader when I was 16 years old. One day, she called me and I was surprised that her question wasn't about the practice I gave her, but to get advice about a social situation. I told her what I thought was right to do, and the next time we met she was so happy to tell me about how she managed the issue and how she felt more valued by her friends. At this moment, I felt that being there as her tutor was much more than academic achievement. Once I felt this added value of what I did, I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?
During an 8th Grade graduation, a student came to me and said I was her safe space where she could be herself. She made my teacher heart glow.