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West Singleton

AfterSchool & Summer Program

At McGillis since 2014 (McGillis alum '09)


What do you think makes McGillis different?

The thing that makes McGillis different is the emphasis we place on always seeing the person in front of us (teacher, student, or parent), accepting where they are in the moment, and seeking what is best for them.


Are you learning or teaching yourself something new lately?

I have been learning Ukulele alongside our seventh-grade students.


Which McGillis value do you most appreciate?

I believe the McGillis Kehilah (community) does such a good job of seeing what is sacred in each individual that we rise to the full phrase Kehilah Kedosha (holy community). I believe we achieve this because of our diverse beliefs and traditions beyond the Jewish ones we practice together.


What are you currently reading?

Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson


What is your superpower? Why?

Paying attention to where other people leave their phone in case they forget.


If you could eat dinner with someone famous, living or dead, who would it be?

The author Octavia Butler, her work the Parable of the Sower was very prescient for the way 2020 happened and I would love to hear what she thinks might happen next.


What is your favorite AfterSchool tradition? 

I love when we play ghost in the graveyard with the entire school in play on our AfterSchool night for the Gala.