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Steph Duffy

Steph Duffy

Advancement Manager


At McGillis since 2021


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Bachelor of Arts, Communications



Steph has a background in marketing & communications and enjoyed many years a parent and volunteer at McGillis before joining as an employee in 2021. She enjoys running, biking, and skiing in the mountains, and traveling with her family.


Favorite McGillis lunch:

Caprese sandwich


I am currently reading:

The Giver of Stars


Which value do you most appreciate?

Derech Eretz- Our children are growing up in a divisive time, so I appreciate that McGillis reinforces the importance of having respect for all on a daily basis.


Favorite McGillis tradition?

I really enjoy the big community events like TREEkun Olam, Fall Leaf Haul, and the End of Year Program


Favorite McGillis moment?

My son's 8th grade graduation and hearing which bird the faculty chose to best represent him (it was a falcon, which was perfect)


The defining moment that led to your career in education:

Witnessing the impact that the faculty, staff, and overall environment at McGillis have had on my children.