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Ryan Lundy

AfterSchool & Summer Program

At McGillis since 2014 (McGillis Alum '09)


What do you think makes McGillis different?

The community is unlike any other school I've ever been to. I've taught at a ton of schools all over the valley, and none of them come close to the sense of actual community that McGillis has.


Are you learning or teaching yourself something new lately?

I am currently working towards getting my MBA.


Which McGillis value do you most appreciate?

I appreciate Tikkun Olam.


What are you currently reading?

Blackjack for Dummies


What is your superpower? Why?

My superpower is that I can eat anything, and I mean anything.


If you could eat dinner with someone famous, living or dead, who would it be?

I feel like Jack Black would be a fun person to have dinner and hang out with.


What is your favorite AfterSchool tradition? 

I love the AfterSchool Night Out, playing Ghost in the Graveyard with the kids is so fun.