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Mike DiBiasio

Mike DiBiasio


Middle School Integrative Studies: Writing Teacher

At McGillis since 2016


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B.A., Journalism, Ohio Wesleyan University
B.S., Outdoor Education, The University of New Hampshire
M.A.T., Westminister College 


Mike has worked a variety of jobs, but nothing has felt as rewarding as teaching at McGillis. His past experiences as a journalist and outdoor educator were formative in making him the teacher he is today. Mike feels fortunate that he can draw upon those experiences to enrich the education of his students. When he’s not enjoying the special energy of McGillis, he likes to ski and run with his two dogs, listen to baseball on the radio, and relax on his back deck with his partner Sarah and their son Eddie.


Favorite McGillis lunch:

Veggie Curry & Rice


I am learning to:

... appreciate the flute as a rock & roll instrument.


I am currently reading:

The Monkey Wrench Gage by Edward Abbey

Mountain Gazette Vol. 199


Favorite McGillis tradition:

Fall Leaf Haul


Which value do you most appreciate?

My favorite McGillis Value is Kehilah because preserving a welcoming, vibrant community is essential in a school setting.


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?

It's always powerful to me when Middle School students rise to the occasion as mentors for our younger students, whether it's inviting them to play basketball during break, reading to them, or helping them open their milk during Family Group Lunch.


The defining moment that led to your career in education:

Being introduced to The McGillis School.


Favorite McGillis moment:
All of my favorite McGillis memories involve buses full of students. Whether we were stuck in the desert sand or driving through a snowstorm singing Lizzo at the top of our lungs, school always seems a little more elevated when a bus of students is involved!