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Mary Kimball

Mary Kimball

The Learning Center Director & Learning Center Teacher

at McGillis since 2015


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B.S., Elementary Education, Brigham Young University


With over 30 years of experience, having worked in public, charter, and independent schools, as both a teacher and administrator, I am fortunate for the rich career I have lived in education. At heart, I am a teacher and relish in the evolution of the child as they grow up in a school community. Outside of school, I enjoy time with family, traveling, working in the yard, playing a good game of pickleball, and of course, reading a good book!


I am currently reading:

I am a huge fan of historical fiction.  I am currently reading Hamnet by Maggie  O'Farrell


I am learning to:

bake tiered cakes, improve my Spanish skills, and find a healthy work/life balance 


Favorite McGillis lunch:
Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes


Favorite McGillis moment:
All things Sukkot


Favorite McGillis tradition:

Fall Leaf Haul---The students are always eager to help our neighbors while getting the chance to play in the leaves. 


Which value do you most appreciate?

Kehilah! McGillis is a school community like none other.  It's a community that deeply cares and invests in the care of keeping of all its members. 


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?

It is always a powerful moment when a student perseveres and overcomes a challenge and experiences success.  I love those moments when even I am in the thick of it with a class and together we seize the day!


The defining moment that led to your career in education:

I worked as a special education paraprofessional when I was in college.  It was a transformative experience and one that sealed the deal that teaching was my life's calling.