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Liz Paige


Director of Ethics & Community

At McGillis since 2014


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B.A., Social Sciences, University of Michigan
M.Ed., Education, Westminster College
M.A.R.E, Jewish Education, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
GWU Certificate in Israel Experiential Education


Liz is a lifelong learner, which is why she loves to be part of the McGillis Kehilah as a learner, teacher, and administrator. This year is her 32nd year of teaching in Salt Lake City, and she is honored to have now taught two generations of many of our families. In addition to formal study, her "hobbies" are really what create her life: being part of the Jewish community of Salt Lake City, cooking for family and friends, traveling, and doing pilates (which is a new pursuit). Liz knows the difference a McGillis education makes as her daughter is an alum, and she is awed and inspired by her every day.


As McGillis celebrates its 30th anniversary, what is a memory you would like to share with our community?
I love that Shabbat has always been part of The McGillis School. How unique our School is to take time each week to be grateful for all that nourishes us, all that is sweet in the world, and for all the beauty of the natural world.


As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, what is your wish for McGillis?
My wish is that McGillis continues to find ways to live and express its universal values in the particular ways that Jewish tradition and culture provides us.


I am currently reading:
Dear Zealots by Amos Oz


What is your main teaching goal for the 2020/2021 school year?
I want my students to know that they are safe, they belong, and they matter.


I am learning to:


Favorite McGillis lunch:
Vegetable Curry


Favorite McGillis tradition:


Favorite McGillis Moment:
My daughter's graduation


The defining moment that led you to your career in education:
Teaching another student in my 4th-grade religious school class.


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?
My 12th-grade math teacher, Mr. DeMille, programmed his computer to play the Wisconsin fight song after I got in. I knew that he saw me as an individual and not just as one of many students. Thankfully, he wasn't upset when I decided to go to Michigan instead.