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Liz Paige


Director of Community Initiatives

At McGillis since 2014


Contact Liz Paige:


B.A., Social Sciences, University of Michigan
M.Ed., Education, Westminster College
M.A.R.E, Jewish Education, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion


I grew up in an independent school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and knew that I wanted to be a teacher, like my dad, from a very young age. This year marks my 31st year as an educator. In fact, I am now teaching children of my former students! I love to study and keep going back to school to learn more and to find mentors and fellow life-long learners. My other passions include my family, cooking, and building and caring for the larger community through volunteering.


I am currently reading:
My high school age daughter now assigns me books to read, ones that she has just finished, and thinks that I will love. 


What is your main teaching goal for the 2020/2021 school year?
I want my students to know that they are safe, they belong and they matter.


Favorite McGillis lunch:
Vegetable Curry


Favorite McGillis tradition:


Which McGillis Value do you most appreciate?
I most appreciate the value of Tikkun Olam because it starts with our interactions and relationships and then expands to the larger world. If we can help the rifts between ourselves and the people that we know, and everyone is doing this, imagine the collective impact of our work! 


How are you reimagining teaching?
We already know the answer to the world's problems: Tikkun Olam. Now we need to each find our personal path to do the work. I'm excited to help students discover their voices, their passions, and how to channel both to repairing the world.


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?
While I was in honors classes in many subjects, I was not in the "fast track" for math. In my senior year of high school, Mr. DeMille was my teacher and in front of the class said, "Liz, you're an excellent mathematician." I had never seen myself as a mathematician and it changed how I saw myself.