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Kim Denkers

3rd Grade Teacher

At McGillis since 2016


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B.A., Psychology, and Philosophy
M.E.D., Masters of Education


Kim grew up in Massachusetts and Vermont, but Utah has been home for the last 30 years. She has been teaching for close to 20 years. Her childhood was very active with sports and exploring the outdoors with skiing, camping, biking, and traveling. So, moving to and living in Utah is a dream come true! When not enjoying Utah's outdoor playground, she loves to gather with close friends, experiment with cooking new recipes, cheer on the Utah Utes, work in her garden, and spend precious time with her husband and son.


As McGillis celebrates its 30th anniversary, what is a memory you would like to share with our community?
One very meaningful memory was celebrating Simchat Torah.


As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, what is your wish for McGillis?
I wish for McGillis to continue to thrive while moving forward as a leading educational community.


I am currently reading:
I have a few that I am rotating through - How to do the Work, The Likeness, Notes From a Young Black Chef


I am learning to:
Be an empty nester!


Favorite McGillis lunch:
Fish tacos and lasagna


Favorite McGillis tradition:
My favorite traditions are Grandfriend's Day and the 3rd-grade Formal Birthday meals


Favorite McGillis moment:
Walking into the School for the very first time -- it took my breath away!


The defining moment that led to your career in education:
Coming from a family of educators, I think an interest in teaching was just always there. So, I don't necessarily feel there was one defining moment, however a collection of experiences and influencers that inspired me. My step-father, in particular, was an amazingly dynamic educator who made a significant impact on me.


What is a powerful moment you experience at school?
The most powerful moments that I remember in school were when teachers brought the learning to life through hands-on experiences and invested in making personal connections with me. I'll never forget Mr. Bodenstein, my 7th-grade civics teacher, and track coach. Not only was his classroom full of fun, laughter, and a lot of projects, but I will never forget how he made me feel that I mattered, that he saw me and my potential.  He went over and beyond academics and was always concerned about my well-being.