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Jen Merino

Health Specialist

At McGillis since 2020


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BS in Health Promotion and Education: Emergency Medical Services from the University of Utah 05/2013


What do you think makes McGillis Different?
The genuine kindness and warmth of this community. 


What is your main teaching goal for the 2020/2021 School Year?
To become a familiar face and accessible to everyone from students, staff, and parents. 


How are you reimagining teaching this year and you're excited to share with students?  
That this community is strong and lasting despite a pandemic and even though things might be scary, uncertain, and different we can still hold on to the sense of community that makes McGillis such a warm and inviting place while staying healthy and safe. 


Which McGillis Value do you most appreciate?
Repairing the world because small actions can create big changes and we really need BIG changes in this new world we're living in. I'm hopeful and excited to see how the McGillis community will positively impact the world during these uncertain times. 


What are you currently reading?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many Curious George Books.


What is your superpower?
Finding a gem of an item at thrift shops because I grew up thrifting and have the patience to look through everything to find that one special item. My most prized thrifted possession is a vintage Coach belt with a brass buckle.