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Jen Merino

Jen Merino

Health Specialist

At McGillis since 2020


Contact Jen Merino:


BS in Health Promotion and Education: Emergency Medical Services from the University of Utah 05/2013


Favorite McGillis lunch:

Veggie Sandwich


I am learning to:

Roller skate


I am currently reading:

Dreaming of You: A Novel in Verse by Melissa Lozada-Oliva


Favorite McGillis tradition:

Field Day


Which value do you most appreciate?

Tikkun Olam. Repairing the World because as an idealist, dreamer I heard how I can't change the world. However, I alone may not be able to make a positive impact but we as a whole definitely can.


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?

Learning to read in English and my favorite teacher, Mrs. Jones, encouraging me to read more and more. It was so powerful and helped establish my joy of reading!


The defining moment that led to your career in education:

When tutoring in reading and comprehension, just seeing the student's eyes light up when it clicks. It opens up a whole world for them and that feeling is exciting and infectious!