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Jayde Prudden

Jayde Prudden


K-5 Outdoor and Environmental Education instructor and K-3 Movement and Wellness Instructor

At McGillis since 2002


Contact Jayde Prudden:


B.A., English, University of Utah
Teacher Certification, Westminster College


I enjoy exploring the Wasatch Mountains in all seasons, but especially during the winter months. When not at home, I am traveling the world discovering new places to paddle, surf, savor local delicacies, appreciate local art, and meet new people. I savor mornings alone on the trail before the sun rises.


Favorite McGillis lunch:

Hummus and veggie sandwich


I am learning to:

be present and make time to ride my bike to school.


I am currently reading:

John Muir Laws Guide to Nature Journaling


Favorite McGillis tradition:



Which value do you most appreciate?

Repairing the World because there are small daily actions that we take to lesson our impact on the environment (reusing, buying used, riding our bikes to school, using a water bottle instead of single use plastic).


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?

Attending the Teton Science School as a high-school student at Judge Memorial.


The defining moment that led to your career in education:

A long-term substitute teaching position in 5th Grade at New City School in St. Louis.