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Ariane Green

5th Grade Teaching Assistant

At McGillis since 2014


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B.A., English and French, Bucknell University
M.Ed., English (Secondary Education), Temple University


Ariane is a transplant from the lush forests of Pennsylvania, with many side-trips to France, where her mom is from. She has been getting her chloro-fill here in the Wasatch aspen groves for sixteen years now, setting down roots with her husband and two children, a son who recently graduated from McGillis, and a daughter who is in middle school. When not hiking, biking, or floating rivers with her family, running on beautiful trails (or sometimes just running endless errands), or camping off the grid (sometimes in the company of llamas or pack goats, and always with fresh coffee, avocados, and smelly French cheese!) Ariane can be found cleaning her chicken coop, shuttling her kids to various activities, and listening to all kinds of live music is a favorite pass-time. Ariane is excited to be back with the 5th-grade crew for her seventh year.


I am currently reading:
White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo


Favorite McGillis lunch:
Veggie curry. And all the others.


Favorite McGillis tradition:
5th Grade camping trip to the southern Utah desert


Favorite McGillis moment:
The step-up ceremony on the last day of school is always moving and bittersweet.


What do you think makes McGillis Different?
The care and kindness our faculty and staff put into their work relationships and the personal connections we are able to cultivate with students and their families are, to me, what makes McGillis stand apart.


Which McGillis Value do you most appreciate?
Tikun Olam, repairing the world, is just about the most topical value we can devote ourselves to right now. McGillis students will grow up well poised to make a positive difference on this planet! 


What is a powerful moment you experienced at school?
When I was in sixth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Tormey, one day pulled me aside and told me how much she loved a short story I had written in class. She encouraged me to submit it to our local newspaper's writing contest. I followed her advice and was so proud and inspired to see my story in print a few weeks later. I had always loved to write and she had recognized something I had a penchant for. This was an early spark that motivated and steered me to pursue a Creative Writing major in college, which was FUN! I still love to write short fiction and carve out time for it whenever I can.