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Head of School Welcome

When I first walked into The McGillis School in 2016, it felt different from the many schools across the country I had attended, worked in, and visited.

McGillis exudes a warmth and welcome unlike any other place. And it is far more than a school. It is a community—all of the people, past and present—who embrace the values and culture of this unique K-8 independent school rooted in Jewish culture and values and open to all.


McGillis learners arrive with spunk, joy, and vigor each day. McGillis instills this enthusiasm in our students, refraining from the mundane, the typical, and the labor that exists in schools today. Our teachers and learners fly above the standard each day by exploring their curiosities, strengthening their emotional intelligence, collaborating on complex issues our world faces today, and embracing all that is brainy, goofy, and offbeat.


Throw in the best lunch in Salt Lake City (ask any McGillis alumni), and you have a school that creates days full of personal and intellectual growth. McGillis shapes hearts and minds, with intention on the heart first. We create good human beings who are smart and capable of repairing our world.


I welcome you to walk through our doors and see yourself at McGillis. We look forward to meeting you!



Jim Brewer
Head of School 

Head of School, Jim Brewer, meeting with students
Head of School, Jim Brewer, Reading to Kindergarten students