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Head of School Update 2/24/21

February 24, 2021


Dear McGillis Families, 


The Utah Legislature is voting on a bill this week that, if approved, could have direct consequences for McGillis and our students. H.B. 302 seeks to ban transgender girls from participating in girls sports from kindergarten through college. This bill stands in direct conflict with our mission and values, and it is important that we speak out against it and ask our state senators to vote no on H.B. 302. 


McGillis, with our values of respect for all and repairing the world, is speaking out against this bill as it is both discriminatory and unconstitutional. We believe that all students should have equal rights to participate in not only our athletics programming, but those statewide. This includes transgender students. As a school, we do not often voice our opinions about state legislation as it is rare that legislation has a direct impact on our programs. H.B. 302 presents an opening that would negatively impact our students and the opportunities our program affords them. It is harmful to the health and wellbeing of students, particularly transgender students who are already vulnerable in so many ways. 


You can find more information about this bill and contact your lawmaker here


McGillis promotes equity and inclusion for all students, and we advocate for our students to be themselves and offer them equal opportunities regardless of their identity. We will stand up for our current students and future students, and follow their lead as citizens who understand that our school, state, country, and world are better and stronger when we practice acceptance, belonging, and respect. 



Jim Brewer

Head of School