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Covid-19 Taskforce Update 1/9/22

January 9, 2022



Dear McGillis Families,


Like many of you, we have been following news of the COVID-19 Omicron surge that is taking place in Utah this week, and have been closely monitoring the health of our community. We administered around 500 rapid tests this past week, and are in communication with families who have received a positive COVID test, an exposure, or are keeping students home due to symptoms or general illness. Please refer to the COVID-19 Dashboard for our latest case information.



Updated Isolation and Quarantine Protocol

The COVID Task Force met this week to reevaluate our protocols, and we decided to reduce our isolation and quarantine protocol from 10 days to 5 days, in accordance with the guidance provided by the Utah Department of Health.


Following is the School’s updated protocol:

  • Students and staff who test positive will isolate and remain home for 5 days, regardless of symptoms, from the day they were tested. They may return to school on day 6 if they are symptom-free.
  • Exposed students and staff who are fully vaccinated, including a booster if they are age eligible, may return to school immediately and test at School for 5 days from the date of exposure.
  • Students who are not fully vaccinated and have been exposed must quarantine for 5 days from the date of exposure and may return to school on day 6 with a negative test collected no earlier than day 5.
  • Faculty and staff who have not received a booster must quarantine for 5 days from the day of exposure and may return to school on day 6 with a negative test collected no earlier than day 5.



This weekend, the Salt Lake County Health Department issued an order that specifies respirator-type masks, such as KN95s, are required in the school setting. McGillis has a large supply of child and adult sized KN95 masks, which will be available on Monday. Our Magpies have been conscientious about mask compliance, and we appreciate your cooperation as we continue to be vigilant about mask use at school. 


Vaccines and Boosters

Vaccine boosters are now available for everyone aged 12 and up, five months after their previous dose. The CDC strongly recommends that children aged 5-11 receive two doses of vaccine, and that those 12 and up receive a booster shot in order to maximize protection from the virus. Click here for information on vaccines and vaccine availability.


New Reporting Tool for COVID-19 Cases, Exposures, and Symptoms

Our Health Team has developed a questionnaire that you may now use to report a positive COVID test, exposure, or symptoms to the School. Responses are immediately sent to the Health Team, and a member of the team will follow up to collect additional information and provide guidance. You may also contact at any time with questions, concerns, or if you would like to have your child tested at school.


We greatly appreciate your ongoing commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of our community.


Together we can.

Jim Brewer
Head of School