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The McGillis School's Anti-Racist Statement

“The heartbeat of racism is denial.” – Ibram X. Kendi


The McGillis School’s purpose is to inspire individuals who are committed and able to repair the world. To realize this purpose, The McGillis School understands our institutional responsibility to ensure that all our faculty, staff, students, and families thrive. It is essential for our Board, Administration, Faculty and Staff to lead intentionally and purposefully with knowledge, empathy, and curiosity to make positive, lasting change.


The McGillis School recognizes that systemic racism exists and works to dismantle systems of oppression in an effort to counteract racism.


We are committed to the following:               

  • Hiring, supporting, and retaining Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) faculty and staff through intentional and on-going practices.
  • Creating systems of support for BIPOC students and families and increasing the number of BIPOC students in the student body.
  • Building the skills and knowledge of our Board to engage in conversations about privilege, implicit bias, prejudice, and systemic racism.
  • Using a common language, identifying standards, and providing ample professional development to support faculty in becoming anti-racist educators.
  • Implementing an anti-racist curriculum in each grade throughout the McGillis experience to develop students to be anti-racist and allies to BIPOC individuals and communities.
  • Developing and increasing the capacity of our parents to engage in anti-racist conversations with their children.
  • Using an equity and anti-racist framework to continually review our policies, practices, programs, and curriculum.