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Storytelling Event

We are excited to celebrate our 30 anniversary as a community, a true milestone!

Stories remind us of our shared humanity. They strengthen and build the connections between people, they teach the value of listening, and they weave into the fabric of our community the understanding  that everyone’s story matters. The McGillis School’s 30th anniversary provides our community with an opportunity to teach, celebrate, reflect on, and amplify stories of our values as we remember our past and look to the future.


On November 13, our storytellers...

Made us laugh...

Made us cry...

...and inspired us to celebrate our values! 

These stories, and many others, are made possible by your philanthropic support of the School.


Your charitable gift supports our students, our teachers, our community, and our values, every day. 


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Share your story

Over the last 30 years, McGillis has been a school strongly guided by our values.  And, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we invite our community to share their stories about how McGillis became the school it is today. 

Submit Your Story

If you missed our workshop with Nan Seymour, watch the recording  for tips on how to develop your story. 

We will share your stories with our community as we continue to celebrate our mission and create an archive of our history.