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Kindergarten students raising their hands during a Shabbat song.

Walk through our doors and step into the heart of McGillis.

As a small, grinning first-grader struggles to hold the door open for you, your first glimpse offers everything a school should be — light, warmth, openness, the bustle of kids, a community surrounding the coffee urn. A place where everyone, from teacher to student to parent, feels welcome. A place where everyone wants to come every day.


A place that feeds the soul and stimulates the mind and encourages looking and being outside. Outside one’s self — to meet others where they are; outside the classroom — to learn by experience; outside one’s traditions — to find and embrace new ones.


We are an independent K-8 school, founded on values we see as universal to the world we aspire to live in, nurture, and restore. Our values are our foundation but it’s what grows from the foundation that is most interesting. Students, relationships, mentoring, community.


From the very beginning, we have always believed in the power that lies in the formative years of a child’s life. A belief that when our children are given the right start — a valued sense of self, along with a valued sense of all that is around them — when this foundation is set, our children will find their place in this increasingly complex, yet ultimately fascinating world. And therein lies the difference in The McGillis School.



The Educational Experience

In every sense of the word, McGillis is a school - a school of high academic standards, where each student is challenged to excel, and where our teachers focus on understanding each child’s learning style, leading and guiding our students to become strong and capable learners for a lifetime. 


Growing Kids Who Care

But McGillis is also a school of the highest engagement — with our world, our society, and each other, embodying a spirit of community, ethics, and social responsibility. 


At McGillis, while our singular focus on the K-8 school years defines us, far more importantly, it defines our students. A belief that these are the years when the whole child — emotionally, academically, socially — can be nurtured to learn not just how, but why. Not only what, but to what end. Not merely the reason, but the reasoning.


The Perfect Start

We believe our goal as educators is to provide this start for each child here: The start of a lifetime… of learning and laughing and asking and engaging with those around them… of something greater than themselves, curious about the opportunities ahead, and ultimately, the start of a lifetime with true impact on our world.


This can be your child.


At The McGillis School.